This site has one simple aim – to bring an end to Leprosy and to end forever the social stigma that affects the victims.

In order to prevent leprosy, people who live in the same household as a person with leprosy need to be examined by a physician annually for five years. The cost to systematically identify and treat all the potential carriers and infected contacts would be many millions of dollars. However it is an achievable goal.

The cost to cure someone of leprosy and provide them with the necessary care, things like reconstructive surgery, orthopaedic devices, ocular surgery and rehabilitation, is about $350.

This site is funded by the generosity of people who have the shared vision to rid the world of Leprosy and have contributed either financially or with the gift of time. It is currently using open source software to display the content, and hosted on low cost Linux web servers running Apache. We do not accept paid advertisements, or pay salaries. We do accept financial donations from corporate sponsors and if requested will place links back to organisational websites in return.

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