Leprosy microbes lead scientists to immune discovery

July 31, 2011

Thanks to the opportunity that human leprosy infections provide for study of human immune responses, scientists have discovered how the body’s early warning system prompts a rapid immune response by two separate armies of defensive cells. The researchers isolated immune cells in blood samples from healthy people and exposed the cells to a component of […]

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Delhi Has A Change of Heart for Sister Jean

July 25, 2011

A few days ago newspapers and websites were reporting that London-born Jacqueline Jean McEwan, a Catholic nun from Britain who has spent 29 years caring for leprosy patients in Bengaluru, India, is being forced to give up her work and leave the country after Delhi refused to renew her residency permit. Sometimes known as the […]

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Awareness of Hansen’s Disease in the United States

July 31, 2010

To some people, it might at first appear that leprosy or Hansen’s disease as it is properly known, is a disease of the third world, or of poverty torn countries, or confined to India. However, compiled statistics reveal that although it is comparatively rare in the United States, there are currently approximately 6,500 cases and […]


The Stigma of Leprosy in India

February 16, 2009

The history of leprosy in India offers insights into one of the world’s most misunderstood diseases. The effort towards Leprosy control and elimination still faces many challenges, as Leprosy continues to be stigmatized. In a society with a deeply ingrained, though legally abolished, caste system, this continues to be a problem partly through lack of […]

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Leprosy as a challenge

January 15, 2009

Leprosy is a debilitating, disfiguring disease that brings social exclusion and humiliation to millions of sufferers across the world. It is so deeply burned into the human psyche that in some languages the noun for the victims alone causes fear and disgust. Hence the pejorative term Leper, meaning undesirable or ostracised. Yet Leprosy is curable […]

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Putting An End To Leprosy

January 14, 2009

This site has one simple aim – to bring an end to Leprosy Leprosy is curable and preventable and with sufficient human effort could be eradicated completely from the world. It has been curable since the 1980s and treatment is now widely accessible and free of charge. Fifteen million people have been cured of the […]

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