How To Help

How can you help?
Firstly, you can get out, talk to people and tell them about this campaign.

Tell five people about the Vision, and make it real for them; paint the colourful picture of a world free from Leprosy; hear the joyful sound of celebration when the United Nations World Health Organisation finally declares that we have successfully eradicated this terrible disease; bask in the warm feeling of pride when you know that we were all part of that great achievement.

If each of those five people tells five others, and they each tell five more, then it will not be long before everyone in the world knows.

Take massive action; bring an end to Leprosy; tell someone now!

Next you can put your name to the growing list of royalty, aristocracy, politicians, visionaries, entrepreneurs, employers, employees and unwaged, rich and poor who have seen the vision, heard the clarion call, and felt the burning desire to do something good, without seeking personal reward.

Write to someone you know and tell him or her why it is important to espouse this worthy cause. Tell your Congressman, Member of Parliament or favourite songwriter why they must be part of this movement.

Sign up to the mailing list, make a commitment and do it now!

Thirdly you can give something to the cause. The more you give, the greater are the personal rewards.

If you are unwaged, or retired, or have no money, then give some time. Write an article; go along to the community centre and spread the word; organise a fund raising event; tell us about your successes. We will tell the world and let your efforts inspire others.

If you are a graphic artist, create powerful colour images, which paint the glorious picture of a world free from Leprosy. Donate them to the effort and we will publish anything we can use and credit your work on the website.

If you are a songwriter or recording artist, give the eradication of Leprosy a mention in your next song, or write a rock anthem, or just make a dedication to the cause on you next album cover. Let us know and we will tell the world, link to your site, and add to your publicity.

If your skills are in people, or dealing with feelings and emotions, give a thought to the joy of eradicating Leprosy for the good of humanity; give your patients, clients or customers something to focus on and let them benefit from the powerful emotions released when you do something good, for someone worse off than you.

If you have money, but no time, make a donation. We accept payment by PayPal, Cash, Cheque or Money Order. If it will help with tax deduction we can give you a credit under donations; if you want to remain anonymous then that is fine too.

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